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I'm known under this name since I started playing TuBMud in the early 90's. It was taken from
the name of a Shadowdragon (SHAdow AnD DRAgon) I made up for one of my never to be
finished Fantasy-Stories. The ShadowDragons, which I also used in my (RPG) RuneQuest 
Campaigns, are a race which exists in the Spirit Realm. Under normal circumstances they only
appear on the material plane to lay their eggs (which look like small rocks) in some dark and
secure places. Immediatly after hatching, the newborn fades to its home plane. But if there is a
thinking being close enough to it at that time, it may become attracted to that mind and form a
symbiotic link with that being. Then it also fades into the Spirit Realm. If that being travels in 
the Spirit Realm, it can be a guide and/or guardian for her. While on the material realm, both
can communicate with each other while the being is asleep.